My Story

I’m a storyteller.  My work is all about people and their stories.

As a writer, producer, Seattle radio  host,  and strategic consultant I play all day long with words, pictures, and sounds to connect with readers, viewers, and listeners around the world.

I create in all media, across all platforms, including: Print. Online. Digital. Motion Graphics. Film & Video. Radio & TV.

Clients, Associates, Partners

I’m privileged to work on a diverse range of projects with many talented professionals and dynamic organizations. Some have included: ITV-UK, National Geographic, Channel 4, BBC, Dorling Kindersley, BCTV Canada, WNET, WETC, Overseas TV, PBS, NPR, Penguin Press, Vogue, Penguin Press, Self, Shape, More, Cosmopolitan, RealNetworks, Walt Disney, Amazon, Microsoft, Citigroup, WA Schools, Sony, Intel, Citigroup, Simon & Schuster, Doubleday, Hyperion Publishing.

"Put down the laptop and take me to the!"  says Dylan Thomas

“Put down the laptop and take me to the beach…now!” says Dylan Thomas

P.SYou can find more at my personal website Vicki St. Clair 

And is where I post a Journal of this writer’s random notes and thoughts around what I’m working on, interested in, playing with, reading … and who I’m talking to.” 

Thanks for stopping by … hope you’ll come back and connect with me!   Namaste.  ~ Vicki 


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